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Bath Salts - Myrtle


Brand: Destined for Home

Famous the world over for its whisky, this 'whisky isle' is also home to miles of empty beaches and spectacular cliffs. At the mercy of the Atlantic surf and isolated from the mainland.

The maker, Gemma has captured the essence of this unique island in her hand crafted transparent whisky soaps and related bath products. Her chemical knowledge and commitment to using the best natural ingredients, including local Malts, makes sure that everyone can now bathe in the 'water of life'.

Bath Salts are a gorgeous mix of Dead Sea, Epsom and Himalayan Salts scented by Myrtle.

Perfect for a relaxing bath and leaving your skin feeling great and smelling beautiful.

Tips From Me To You:
Having visited these islands, I knew when I stumbled across Gemma's Soap her lovely products had to join being another unique product hand selected by myself.

Fun fact about Myrtle is that its in every wedding bouquet of the Royal Family.