About ... Destined for Home

   I've lived and worked in Leith for many years and after having worked for over 30 years (for only 2 companies - rare these days!).  I was made redundant, a scary thought, over the years I've been very lucky in that I've enjoyed my work and made some great friends - who are all very supportive in my new venture.  So the challenge therefore was could I find a job that I'd enjoy and a company that I'd want to work for! 

   Then my lovely husband came up with the solution "Karen, you're always being asked where you bought this and that from - you've clearly got a good eye for quality and unusual pieces - so why don't you use your redundancy and start a business in that sort of thing!"

   Yes it's been and still is scary working for yourself in an industry to be honest I knew nothing about.  However, I think I have a good "gut feeling" which so far has always seen me right and so I followed my instinct and have come full circle... returning to Leith to where it all began to open up Destined for Home. 

   Destined for Home is a fun independently run interior and gift Studio in Leith.  Born from my desire to find products that weren't mass produced and that had their own story and integrity.  My journey has introduced me to many talented British Designers; many of whom are small business owners designing and making products themselves. Some products have led to the discovery of ethical products that help us all to reduce waste, an issue that is close to my heart.

   Come and visit the Studio where I am always happy to assist you or book a Private Viewing Event where you can enjoy a glass of bubbly & nibbles. 

   Alternatively, I hope you enjoy viewing the Website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and feel inspired.

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