Natural Lip Balm


Brand: Destined for Home

Glasgow Soap Co. was created by Ashley whose soaps & Lip Balms are made using the finest Coconut Oil and Beeswax.   Ashley's Lip Balms are all natural. She is a qualified Aromatherapist, all her Lip Balms are handmade by Ashley in Glasgow, Scotland.

Made in Scotland.

Tips - From Me to You
I've been looking for something different from a Lip Balm, but also wanting to return to basic ingredients - these Lip Balms don't come any more natural as they only have 4 ingredients.  Unlike other Lip Balms they do not make you want to lick your lips thus wasting the point of Lip Balms! 

I am so pleased to say Ashley was one of my first stockist over 5 years ago and has stayed a firm favourite to this day - with one lip balm in each of my coats! I never leave home without it.