Spa Stones & Oils


Brand: Destined for Home


Natural Italian lava rock infused with unique blend of 11 natural and organic essential oils to help uplift your mood and add a positive ambience to your home. 

Spa Stones come in a Jar along with a Top-up Oil - that last and lasts. Natural volcanic lava rock infused for many days in the very best pure essential oils. The stones themselves never need to be replaced!

100% vegan, cruelty-free & expertly blended by hand in the heart of East Sussex using only the finest quality ingredients,

How Long do they last?  A Jar of stones is infused with 3 months worth of fragrance. But don't worry, you can top-up the fragrance with our Concentrated Oils to keep the aroma levels at their most effective for another 6 months. Just add 1-2 capfuls every few weeks. 

Tips From Me to You: Why not try run your bath and open a Jar of Spa Stones and take your time and relax.

Such great value, easy to top up with Concentrated Oils and you never have to replace the stones... genius.