Gown Edinburgh & Leith Map


Brand: One Hundred Stars

Material: 50% Modal & 50% Viscose

Wrap yourself in a vintage Map of Edinburgh & Leith and dream of being here!!  This Dressing Gown is the height of elegance & luxury and feels amazing!

The sisters have surpassed themselves, its a beautiful Edinburgh & Leith Gown, which also comes in Kimono & Scarf. 

This fabulous vintage map of the streets of Edinburgh & Leith is a mix of colours grey, white, mustard & rust it has co-ordinating collar, cuffs & belt.

So lightweight, it feels like silk - fabulously soft on the skin and to the touch, comes in one size and extremely lightweight.

Made with 50% modal and 50% viscose
Dressing Gown is 105cm in length and can be washed by hand or dry cleaned. 

**Special Thank You for Purchasing **
You'll receive your Gown gift wrapped, along with a free Destined For Home Bag

Tips - From Me to You
I could not contain my excitement when the Sisters told me they were going to have a new design of Edinburgh & Leith vintage map. 

I've been wanting this for so long and now it is here.

If you live here or used to and miss it or have visited - you are gonna want it.  The collection comes in Dressing Gown, Kimono and Scarf. 

Are you daring enough to wear your gown out... I've put it over a plain black dress and dressed it down with sketchers.