Constitution Street Book (limited copies - signed by Author)


Brand: Destined for Home

Welcome to Constitution Street, Edinburgh. The street, like the world at large, is in a moment of flux. Part memoir, part social history and a call to action, Constitution Street is an antidote to an age of personal and political anxiety. Here, the real-life stories on one street, shared with Jemma Neville and framed by her own, reveal the courage, perseverance and capacity for love within us all. Neighbour by neighbour, street by street, reclaiming our human rights, as something too important to be left solely to lawyers and politicians, will unite us with our sense of belonging and common purpose.

Tips for Me to You:
Everyone is talking about this book, not only locals but further afield.  I had customers come from Newcastle to visit the street after reading this book. 

It has amazing reviews -  "A love letter to Scotland, its past, present and future and an exhilarating portrait of the power of community in a time of change.  Transformative and Inspirational" - Gavin Francis 

Jemma has a background in Human Rights Law and Arts Development.  Originally from Dundee, she is now at home on Constitution Street, Leith, a place between the city and the sea.