Candle - Recycle Glass Candle/Container


Brand: Destined for Home

These "30 hour burn time" candles look and smell amazing. 

In 6 beautiful fragrances, hand selected, each complimented by the colour of the container 

These candles are about as eco-friendly as you can get:

  • The jar is 100% recycled - once used, it can be washed and reused as a glass, tea light holder, pen pot, plant pot and so on. It is fully recyclable when no longer needed (although it would be hard to bin something so beautiful)
  • The candle is made from an ethically sourced plant wax, handpoured locally to us in the UK
  • The packaging is absolutely minimal (just enough to keep the candle clean whilst communicating the product features) and is fully recyclable
  • Vegan and plastic free

That's why we call them "Light Touch", because they should leave no trace.

Tips From Me to You:
To me this is a no brainer, there's two gifts in one.  First a beautifully scented clean burn Candle then when you are finished burning it after 30hrs you simply clean it out and use the stunning glass for makeup brushes, pens, plant, toothbruthes or collect them and use them as colourful glasses to brighten up the dinner table.