Bucket List - 50 Scottish Golf Courses


Brand: Destined for Home

As the home of golf, Scotland has some of the very best golf courses in the most beautiful settings, work your way through some of our favorites with our scratch off poster.

The poster is A3 size with metallic gold latex scratch off panels. The illustrations are by the wonderful Scottish Artist Josef McFadden. We care about protecting our environment and this is why we have selected packaging that is all fully recyclable.

Tips From Me To You:
Did you know the earliest mention of Golf in Scotland dates from 1457.  While James IV enthusiastically played golf in 1505.  The world's first rules of Golf were drawn up in 1744 to be used on Leith Links. (NOT St. Andrews) as some would like to make you think.

You can visit the statue of John Rattray commissioned by the Leith Rules Golf Society.   

Check out the Oak Poster Hangers as the bucket list looks great hanging from them - plus they are reuseable.