Whisky Soap Bars


Brand: Destined for Home

  •  Bunnahabhain - created to combine the scent of the whin bushes, which surround the distillery, and the salty tang from the waves below, this bar transports you to Bunnahabhain! 
    Scent: Coconut, honey, sea salt  Whisky: Bunnahabhain

  • Deer Island - newest addition to the range and our first venture into rum soap, made using Jura’s Deer Island Rum! We have captured the scent of the fruits and spices used in the rum beautifully in this bar, a real crowd pleaser. 
    Scent; Deer Island Rum

  • Bog Myrtle is the most popular scent! Bog Myrtle has a very clean and fresh aroma, the Scottish version of tea tree. Known to have many beneficial properties.  
    Scent: Myrtle  Whisky: Islay Single Malt

  • Kilchoman created for the islands farm distillery. Made with Kilchoman’s New Spirit and a layer of grist for exfoliation. There is no scent added to this bar to keep it as natural as can be.

    Scent:  Kilchoman New make spirit

  • Laproaig - a refreshing combination of peppermint and lavender are a sharp contrast to the peaty aromas of a Laphroaig dram. A very popular bar amongst our distillery collection!

    Scent: Peppermint, lavender Whisky: Laphroaig

Minimum weight of 85g

Ingredients: castor oil, coconut oil, sodium stearate, vegetable glycerin, sucrose, water, alcohol denat.

Tips From Me To You:
This handmade cold pressed soaps last much longer than liquid soaps, I'd recommend combing your soap purchase with a Soap Saver which allows your soap to dry and not go mushy or slimy, its the best way to keep your soap longer - simple but very effect. Also I'd suggest halving the soap bar as I think it lasts longer than usual the whole bar.