Eco-friendly Hand Knitted Cloth Bundle


Brand: Destined for Home

Handmade Knitted Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth 100% unbleached or bleached cotton. Everyday use, Eco-Friendly, great textured pattern on both sides which aids in the cleaning up, multitude of uses.

Measure approx 9” x 9” may vary depending on texture pattern (may expand over time with constant use and washes).

In the bundle you'll receive x2 Cotton Cloths and x1 Scrubby (for use on saucepans) OR X3 Cotton Cloths

Care: Machine wash with like colors lay flat to dry (they dry quick)

Handmade in the UK

Tip - From Me to You
Okay I’ll admit it, I was skeptical at first, then I used the cloth (it’s going back to our Grandmothers generations, when it wasn’t a throw away society!)  Now they are used for cleaning dishes, bathroom and dusting!

Importantly for me and hopefully you, they are eco-friendly by throwing them in the washing machine. Replacing the need for buying a multitude of other products and replacing smelly sponges!  They last for ages and save you money. 

Now I don’t use anything else, I love these hand-knitted cloths so much I gift them as presents along with a Whisky Liquid Wash - perfect as a housewarming gift. Customers have come up with some other uses so here goes… 

Kitchen Use - Super absorbent, wonderful for washing dishes and general kitchen cleanup.  Simply rinse them out after use and hang them up on your taps to dry, they dry completely due to the fact that they're knitted and the stitches leave "air holes" so no more "stinky dishcloth". Much more sanitary then a kitchen sponge!
Bathroom Use - because of the soft cotton wool, these make great washcloths, the textured pattern  will naturally and gently exfoliate your skin without leaving it feeling like it's been rubbed with sandpaper. Baby Use - Another bonus is these are gentle enough to use on a baby's sensitive skin.
General Use - Great for most cleaning jobs in the house like dusting. I find if you keep one just for dusting, and don't use fabric softener when you wash it, it's almost like using one of those swifter dusters because the dust just sticks to the cloth. The key is not using fabric softener in the wash if you intend to use for dusting. Good for washing car or windows as they are gentle on the paint work or glass, have two, one for the washing and one for drying as easy to wring out excess water.