Stinky Feet


Brand: Destined for Home

Stinky feet? Whiffy trainers? Smelly sock drawer? Gruesome gym bag? We have the answer!   This is not a throw away product, to be used for many years.

The best little gift that money can buy, two stylish handmade mini trainers, that can be placed anywhere that’s whiffy to neutralise bad odours and revitalise your footwear in minutes!

Infused with our finest quality essential oils to create two fantastic fragrances that appeal to all.  Sweet, stylish, funny and practical, they are this year’s must-have! 

What's Included?
 1 pair of aphrodite fragranced shoes (grey)
 1 pair of peppermint fragranced shoes (blue)

Tips From Me to You:
Simply pop one of the 'stinky feet' into each of your smelly shoes (or anywhere there's a bad smell). These unique stinky feet trainers will absorb any bad odours and give off a strong, fresh fragrance in its place.

We suggest replacing your 'stinky feet' with new ones every couple of years, but you can continue to top up their fragrance as many times as you like within that period.