Electric Burners with free Fragrance Oil (Pet Friendly)


Brand: Destined for Home

This elegant, Electric Burner lights up to showcase a lacy pattern and is compatible with both scented fragrance Oils and Wax Melts.

To use, place on a level and heat resistant surface before placing oil or wax melts in ceramic dish and plug in burner. Unplug when not in use and leave to cool completely before moving or cleaning removable dish with warm, soapy water. 

Depth of dish - 2cm

Free Oil Included  

Tips From Me to You:
This is Electric Burner is perfect for anyone with Pets , unlike tea light burners this is safe as there is no flame. 

My suggestion is to put it on a timer which means that when you arrive home the house smells amazing - I'd also recommend if using wax - use soya wax melts. ( check out our handmade soya wax melts).