Whisky Liquid Wash & Lotion


Brand: Destined for Home

Liquid Whisky Soap that is handcrafted using a gentle yet high foaming mix of olive & coconut oil. Scented with the invigorating aroma of wild Bog Myrtle, Heather or Whinn.  The Scottish Malts used, makes sure that everyone can now wash in the 'water of life'.  100% pure. 

Handmade by a former Chemist whose knowledge and commitment to using the best natural ingredients, thought up the idea to make the world’s first ever transparent whisky soap. Inspiration came while living on an island famous the world over for it’s large amount of distilleries.

Made in Scotland.

Tips - From Me to You
This Liquid Whisky Soap, feels and smells great. From a small Scottish Island it’s sold all over the world… as they say washing in the “water of life” recommended however not drinking your bath water!!
To make the ideal house warming gift and compliment the Liquid Whisky Soap add Granny’s Eco-friendly hand-knitted dishcloth.