Tea Revives the World Scarf


Brand: Destined for Home

Tea Revives the World / 50% Modal & 50% Viscose

Tea Revives the World Scarf is a statement Scarf.  Its a large lightweight scarf that can be worn in different ways. The detailed tea map shows how different countries across the world have enjoyed tea since it was first discovered, you'll find each country is represented with a wonderful image and a fact unique to them. 

Scarf tones are Grey, Black, White, Red, Yellow

Made from 50% Modal & 50% Viscose

Approx Dimensions 100 cm x 180 cm

Tips - From Me to You

I love this Scarf probably because I have it but also because Sir Billy Connolly also wears it so well.  Its supersoft lightweight and extremely generous oversized scarf and can easily be used in the summer as a sarong or halter neck dress, but our Billy likes to wear it just hanging.