Super Soft Bamboo Socks


Brand: Destined For Home

Super-soft Bamboo Socks have strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, not to mention made from sustainable materials.

Bamboo is a renewable resource and in these socks added to by organic cotton which is grown without chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides or genetic modification.

Seriously silly socks -  40% Bamboo (Natural Goodness), 40% Organic Cotton, 17% Recycled Polyester & 5% Elastane (Stretchy).

Machine wash as you would cotton at 30 degrees. 

Women & Men Sizes -  these socks have lots of stretch and flexibility for a comfortable fit.

Tips From Me to You
As you know I hand-pick all my products - Oh my these socks are so lovely and soft - I honestly did not realise how fresh my feet would feel in them so glad I tried them... I am gonna convert my hubby onto them too! 

So I did some research as I was so impressed - Bamboo wicks moisture really effectively to help keep your feet dry, fresh, healthy and hygienic.

Bamboo is known to feel warmer than standard cotton's in Winter and cooler in Summer due to it's fibre construction. 

While each experience may be different bamboo socks are considered beneficial by many people who suffer skin reactions to wearing man-made fibres; and is considered by others who suffer with conditions such as athletes foot to alleviate discomfort due to their breathable nature.