Soap Bars


Brand: Destined for Home

  •  Bunnahabhain - created to combine the scent of the whin bushes, which surround the distillery, and the salty tang from the waves below, this bar transports you to Bunnahabhain! 
    Scent: Coconut, honey, sea salt  Whisky: Bunnahabhain

  • Bruichladdich - created from wood shavings from inside the charred Bruichladdich cask are cooked with the soap resulting in a stunning grey soap with a very oaky, smokey scent. A must for the 'Laddie' in your life!  
    Scent: Vetivert, Cedarwood  W
    hisky: Bruichladdich

  • Lussa Gin soap bar has been made to capture the botanicals and aromas of this unique small-batch gin distilled on the Isle of Jura. Adorned with rose petals, it makes a pretty addition to any home!  
    Scent: Juniper    Gin: Lussa

  • Bog Myrtle is the most popular scent! Bog Myrtle has a very clean and fresh aroma, the Scottish version of tea tree. Known to have many beneficial properties.  
    Scent: Myrtle  Whisky: Islay Single Malt

Minimum weight of 85g

Ingredients: castor oil, coconut oil, sodium stearate, vegetable glycerin, sucrose, water, alcohol denat.

Tips From Me To You:
This handmade cold pressed soaps last much longer than liquid soaps, I'd recommend combing your soap purchase with a soap saver which allows your soap to dry and not go mushy - simple but very effect.