Chocolate - Ruby


Brand: Destined for Home

The New Chocolate on the Block ...   RUBY Chocolate

So for the last 80 years there has been Dark, Milk, White and very recently they found a new cocoa bean - and a new Chocolate was born - Ruby Chocolate.

Made from specially selected cocoa beans, the taste & colour comes from the ruby cocoa bean - no added colours or fruit flavours.

Mini Bar - 35g
Regular Bar - 80g

Handmade in Edinburgh

Tip From to You:
This Chocolate was made famous by Nigela Lawson when she appeared on Masterchef Australia, she made a cheesecake with it and broke the internet (as only Nigela can do)!!

I took the advice from a customer and decided to allow the chocolate to melt in the heat of your mouth to enjoy the flavours - it has a kick and then a smooth taste (some call it sour & sweet), some think its like White some like Milk Chocolate. 
At my Callanetics Class we did Ruby Chocolate relaxation which was VERY different!!