Straw Reuseable


Brand: Destined for Home

The reusable & portable telescopic straw with keychain case.

Reuseable Straw comes in a slick monochrome anodized aluminium case. An added key ring means the straw is super portable - stick it on your keys so you never forget it.

The telescopic straw is made from food grade stainless steel that fully extends up to 19cm allowing you to enjoy your beverage in most standard drinking glasses, takeaway cups and bottles.

Easy to clean with cleaning brush included in box.

Dishwasher safe.

Full instructions included.

Not suitable for use in hot drinks.

Tips From Me to You:
We are all more conscious of the environment which is great.  These reuseable straws are also great for safety and hygiene reasons - if your in a pub its best having your own straw, you know its your drink and Dentist will tell you always use a straw when drinking out of cans as its better for your teeth.