Placemats & Coasters by Elaine Johnston


Brand: Elaine Johnston Artist

Highly talented Elaine has branched out into affordable images of her wonderful animals onto high quality Placemats & Coasters.  Each Placemat & Coaster is back with dark green velour felt.

Elaine Johnston was born in Glasgow and graduated with honours from Glasgow School of Art in 1997, with a further BA degree from the Royal Academy of Art and Drama in 2004.

During her ongoing career, she has specialised in both design and fine art. In these particular areas Elaine has worked with the Department of Trade and Industry, the British Embassy and the Royal Family of Monaco to name but a few.  Amongst the various awards she has obtained are The Young Achiever's Award for Scotland presented by Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace and the Design for Diplomat's, presented by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair at Downing Street.  Here is her latest body of work which embraces the strong rural animal paintings for which she has become renowned.

As Elaine's work is normally on huge canvas however, she has branched out into affordable images with these high quality Placemats & Coasters ... a wee version of the big yins!!!

Made in UK

Tips - From Me to You
These are extremely high quality Placemats & Coasters - Elaine has backed them with lovely soft Forest Green velour felt for that additional wow factor.

Her paintings are adorable, each one is beautiful.  You can either use the Placemat as a dinner setting or for something funky use the Placemat as a mouse mat!

For me its the eyes, Elaine amazingly captures them as if they are looking directly at you.  These are high quality being backed in dark green velour felt so not to scratch any surface.