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Lounge Pants Grey Passion Flower


Brand: One Hundred Stars

KEW Style: Grey Passion Flower Lounge Pants

KEW Royal Botanical Gardens have collaborated with One Hundred Stars to produce this stunning lounge wear collection.  Wrap yourself in this gorgeous Kimono, Dressing Gown or Scarf all the height of elegance & luxury and feels AMAZING!

So lightweight, it feels like silk - fabulously soft on the skin and to the touch, comes in one size. 

Made with 50% modal and 50% viscose 
One Size  drawstring waist.
Wash by hand for best results.

Tips - From Me to You
You can either wear these as PJs or you can wear the Kimono with jeans, trousers or a dress. I absolutely love my Kimonos they are so easy to wear and take away on holiday as they are weightless.  

Care Tip:  Hand wash (do not wring), roll in a towel to take off excess water thereafter pop ofnto a coat hanger and leave to dry... no need to iron ;-)