Lobster Apron [Gift Boxed]


Brand: Lobster Homeware

Lobster Apron / Cotton

These Aprons are the brainchild of brother and sister team. Its a brand new company which started from KickStarter Funding.  Master Seamstress, Nathalie who has worked for over 25yrs with some of the biggest designers and fashion houses (Victoria Beckam, Amanda Wakely & Ghost to name just a few) has launched her own homeware brand.  Nathalie designs these innovated Aprons and names them after members of her family!  Designed and Made in Britain from high quality Cotton.

This all year round awesomeness Lobster Apron has extra pockets for tongs, spatula & tools. Keyring / trolley coin to hand bottle opener.

Presented in Gift Box.

Dimensions L85cm x W55cm    Machine Washable

Made in UK


Tips - From Me to You

This is the ultimate gadget gift for any Bake Off King/Queen or Budding Chef!

Lobster is Nathalie's signature Apron, it's like no other packed with functionality:

  • Integrated oven gloves; attach, detach, tuck them away or place them in pockets.
  • Height adjustable poppers, so one size fits all
  • Pocket for mobile phones
  • Tea towel loops
  • Gloves as heat mats
  • Belt tie