LED Fairy Light Air Balloon (can be posted)


Brand: Destined for Home

Fairy Light LED Balloon can be filled with air or hellium perfect for hanging from ceiling.

  • Balloon  - Size 15" (when inflated)
  • Choice of Multi Pastel or Cool White 
  • Includes  - x3 AA Batteries - 3 settings (on/flashing/disco flashing)
  • Free ceiling hook
  • Free instructions
  • Reusable Fairy Lights

**Please note the balloon comes flat so you will need to inflate**  
If purchasing from my shop OR Click & Collect - the balloon can be inflated for you.


Tips From Me to You:
I do not fill with Helium (as its bad for the environment) instead I fill with air. 

Filling it with air means they last longer but you have to be creative on how you hang them!!  I think they look great hanging from the ceiling (use invisible string).  I've included in the price a small ceiling hook. 

Perfect for a child's bedroom gives off a soft light, which could be used as a night light.  

I also love the fact that the balloon should last approx 12 mths (without misuse) and when the balloon eventually deflates you can re-use the fairy lights.