LED Balloon Lamp


Brand: Destined for Home

Fairy Light Balloon Lamp wand filled with air perfect for events, birthdays & weddings.

Choice of colours - Gold / Pink & White / Green

Reusable Fairy Lights

15" Balloon
Includes Free Stand & 3 Batteries

Tips From Me to You
Excuse Me, Excuse Me where did you get that balloon... is what you will hear when someone see your Balloon.  I absolutely love these.  Not only are they great for Weddings, Birthdays & Engagement Parties but I feel they'd be great for any kids' bedroom especially if they don't like the dark - they come with batteries so easy to turn on and off (3 settings (on/flashing/disco flashing)).  The fairy lights give a nice soft tone.

I also love the fact that when the balloon eventually deflates (approx 12 mths without misuse).