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Lavender Hangers in William Morris Reproduction Print


Brand: Destined for Home

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100% Lavender Hanger stuffed full of home grown Lavender (nothing else).  Each beautiful hanger has contrasting fabric from William Morris Reproduction Prints with pretty hanging ribbon. These look and smell amazing.

Tips - From Me to You
Absolutely beautiful vintage looking fabric with an abundance of Lavender scent.  I love the fact that unlike some lavender squares there is no mixing with wheat or millet here, these are packed FULL of only Lavender and not just any Lavender fresh home grown.  This means that they smell fabulous for longer – these hangers are great for hooking onto your chest of drawer handles or on a coat hanger within your wardrobe or cupboard. 

Top tip:
Place or hook onto your radiator to slowly release the aroma, or place under or on your pillow it may aid a good night’s sleep! I love to hang mine in my wardrobe so that when I open the doors I can smell the lovely aroma.  They also look cute hung on your door handles. Lavender is also good for keeping the moths at bay around your cashmere.