KEW Iris


Brand: One Hundred Stars

KEW Royal Botanical Gardens have collaborated with One Hundred Stars to produce these stunning Top & Lounge Pants.  Feel the softness of this gorgeous combo of Top & Lounge Pants which is the height of elegance & luxury and feels AMAZING!

KEW Iris is a mix of colours with Grey background and Iris image.  So lightweight, it feels like silk - fabulously soft on the skin and to the touch, comes in one size. 

Made with 50% modal and 50% viscose 
One Size drawstring waist.
Wash by hand for best results.

Tips - From Me to You
Looks great as PJs or be like me and wear the Top with jeans, trousers or dress. You could even wear it as a tanktop with a long sleeves tshirt underneath.

Care Tip:  Hand wash (do not wring as this will crease the fabric), roll in a towel to take off excess water thereafter pop onto a coat hanger and leave to dry... no need to iron ;-)