K9 CleanCoats®


Brand: K9 Clean Coats

Next measuring event will be in 2017 - email me if you wish to be notified -  kag@destinedforhome.com

This is the first Dog Onesies ... Yes, you may laugh, some people may stare or snigger, but I am the one who goes home with a clean dry dog!! 

This is especially perfect for our busy lives we lead nowadays - who wants to clean & dry a wet dog before heading to work!! (see below for more benefits)

A £5.00 per dog non-refundable deposit confirms your slot.  Email: hello@destinedforhome.com

Aileen of K9 CleanCoats® will take 12 measurements (yip that's a lot of measures to get your dog's bespoke coat fitting perfectly), meanwhile you can choose from the aray of fabric designs - keep it plain or jazz it up... you decide. 

Oh and yes - your dog can still do "its business" while wearing his coat.


  • Anti-tick
  • Anti-Sticky Willow (sticks to coat not dog!)
  • Dirt/Sand Free dog
  • Keeps dog warm & dry in wet
  • Prevents soaking snowballing
  • Free from wet dog smell
  • Light fabric - dogs forget they are wearing a coat
  • Primarily functional garmet - can be used on dogs with skin allergies
  • Perfect for Show Dogs until they get in the ring
  • Keeps short-haired breeds cosy in bed
  • Short-coated and elderly dogs enjoy the comfort of these fleece all-in-one dog coats when used as dog pyjamas or dog jammies
  • Useful for dogs with grass/pollen allergies
  • Can be used to prevent dogs who have had surgery from damaging their wounds & for dogs with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  • Protect the inside of your car/camper from sandy, wet dogs - put the dog in its K9 CleanCoat® before it goes in the car, which keeps the dog warm & dries it on the way home, then remove once home & outside the car.

Each K9 CleanCoats® is made-to-measure, you are able to create a unique stylish coat yourself by selecting which supersoft fleece material - you can jazz it up as much as you like.

The approximate cost between £45 to £75

For more information please view Aileen's website - www.k9cleancoats.co.uk  (remember to let Aileen know how you found out about K9CleanCoats - quote "Destined For Home")