Hot-Pak Flexible Hot/Cold Clay Therapy Wraps


Brand: Hot-Pak

It bends, it moulds, it folds, it's hot, it's cold!!

The Hot-Pak® Flexi clay hot/cold therapy pack is an innovative new holistic remedy that can be warmed in just 90 seconds to provide instant relief from general muscle aches and pains.

Alternatively, it can be chilled in the freezer to soothe minor sports injuries, bumps, bruises and swelling.

The secret is the magic of Flexi Clay which lies in it's soft malleable clay centre, which can be bended and shaped to wrap around almost any part of your body!!

Once moulded, it cleverly holds in position - this unique innovative soothing pack is great for necks and joints such as elbows, knees & ankles where other heat packs are almost impossible to keep in place.

The Hot-Pak® Flexi clay thermo therapy pack is unscented and measures approx 60cm long and covered in a soft cotton fabric and retains temperature for around 1 hour.


Tip from Me to You:

This is so much better than the old Wheat Pack, these mould and bend round your neck meaning your whole neck is getting the benefit.

  • easiest bed warmer ever!
  • gently warms neck, elbows, knees & ankles
  • moulds round neck, elbow, knees & ankles
  • pop into your coat or PJs to heat them up before applying
  • cold compress for minor sports injuries & bruising
  • flexi clay mouldable therapy pack
  • size approx 60 cm long
  • cotton fabric composition
  • use heated or chilled
  • unscented