Wax Wraps & Roll


Brand: Destined For Home

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton and low impact dyes, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and local UK beeswax. This couple have sourced all their beeswax from the UK, most of it from within a 30 mile radius of their workshop.

Caring for wraps:
- Wash with soap in cold water and hang to dry 
- Pasteurise every few months in the oven. Lay on baking paper in 100c for
  NO MORE than 3 mins
- Do not use to wrap HOT food, make sure all food is cold before use
- Wraps are not suitable for using in the microwave.

Please note these wraps are flammable so keep away from naked flames.

Designs may vary.

New Metre Long Roll (can be cut to your own size) 1 metre x 35cm
Large (Bread) Pack - (x1 Larege (50cmx50cm)
Trial Pack - (x1 Medium (30x30cm) & x1 Small (20x20cm)

Tips From Me to You:
Try going plastic free... its easier than you think.  A bowl of crisps covered in cling film will be soft the following day - this won't happen if you use Food Wraps.  Wax Wraps are the only way you should store cheese - no mold (even after weeks!) The Wraps are also perfect for half a lemon or for keeping salad leaves fresh.  There is no transfer from the beeswax onto the food. 

I also stock Refresher Block which mean you can create your own or refresh your existing wraps.