Electric Wax Warmer


Brand: Destined for Home

With no flame, smoke or soot, this eye-catching electric wax warmer offers a quick and safe way to enjoy wax melt fragrances. With a pretty daisy or floral pattern, the warmer offers an ideal alternative to the more traditional tealight formats.

To use, simply place your choice of fragranced wax melt in the dish at the top and turn on. As the wax is gently warmed the aroma is released, filling your home with the scent of your choice.

Tips From Me to You:
I absolutely love these, not only do they look beautiful lit they are a great way of using up any candles that haven't burned correctly (none of mine).  This Electric Wax Warmer can be safer than tea lights especially if you have pets who are attracted to candle flames.

My tip is to put the Electric Wax Warmer on a Timer Plug so you come home to a lovely aroma.