Gown Venice


Brand: Destined for Home

Venice / 50% Modal & 50% Viscose

This Dressing Gown is the height of elegance & luxury - it feels like silk, so soft on your skin and to touch.  Perfect lightweight travel companion.

Made with 50% Modal and 50% Viscose, the dressing gown is 105cm in length and can be washed by hand or dry cleaned. 

I also stock Venice Scarf.

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Tips - From Me to You
This is probably the most famous Gown, for being worn by Nigella Lawson - cooking up some brownies at midnight. (Who doesn't do that, and even if we did do that would we be doing it in a luxury dressing gown!!) 

Perfect no matter the weather, I wear mine all year round as its made from natural fabric it does keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter - its also the best travel companion, as it so light weight and packs away to nothing.