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Dressing Gown Patchwork


Brand: One Hundred Stars

Patchwork / 50% Modal & 50% Viscose

Wrap yourself in this gorgeous Patchwork Dressing Gown which is the height of elegance & luxury and feels AMAZING!

Such a unique looking Dressing Gown comes courtesy of One Hundred Stars (a Sheffield based company) that produces fabulous original Scarves and Dressing Gowns.

Patchwork Gown is lightweight, it feels like silk - fabulously soft on the skin and to the touch, comes in one size. 

Made with 50% modal and 50% viscose,

Washed by hand or dry cleaned. 

**Special Thank You for Purchasing **
You'll receive your Gown gift wrapped, along with a free Destined For Home Bag

Tips - From Me to You
Patchwork is all the rage on the catwalks at the moment and if I was thin I'd be daring enough to wear this as a dress but i am!  I'd bustle up the back with the belt and turn up the sleeves then wear something plain underneath, you'd certainly get admiration.

As its a natural fabric they are easily worn in every season, cool in summer and warm in winter.  Perfect for travelling. 

This Patchwork design is limited to one season so when its gone its gone!