Covid Hand Rescue Kit


Brand: Destined for Home

Travel Tin of Nettle Soap & Nourishing Hand Cream

  • Soap comes in a travel tin - its SLS and Paraben Free, made from vegetable glycerine which is vegan and perfect for sensitive skin.  Nettle Soaps helps with Eczema & Psoriasis conditions.

  • Nourishing Hand Cream with kukui oil from Hawaii.

Tips From Me to You 
Nettle soap and Nourishing Kukui Hand Cream has transformed my skin, without any exaggeration.  Washing hands and using Bacteria Gel caused huge problems with my hands drying up and knuckles cracking/splitting all very sore (I think more so that the Bacteria Gel is not good having other ingredients in it rather than more alcohol in it).  My Tip would be use a high alcohol sanitiser and stay away from gels.  
Anyway within days of using soap and cream they are back to new again.

My other tip if your hands are really bad then lather them in cheap hand cream and I mean lather!!  Put on cotton gloves either for 4 hours or overnight (if you don't have gloves then use clean old pair of socks) this will keep the hands hot and absorb the cream.