The "Original" Popband London Hair Bands

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Brand: Destined for Home

The 'original' Popband London Hair Bands that are kind on your hair & cute on your wrist!   Popbands hold hair up tight without leaving creases/dents in your hair. These fabulous soft, stretchy hair ties won't damage your hair like regular hair bands Popbands are perfect for sports, workouts, yoga, running and everyday use, leaving hair fresh and kink-free when you take it down!  Designed in London.

Fantastic gift for all ages, ideas for all occasions, Popbands come pre-packaged so arrive clean, fresh, and beautifully presented.

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Tips - From Me to You
These are the original and do exactly what they say - I always wear mine on my wrists (no dent marks left on your skin) ready to use.  You could always add a charm to make it different!  I jazz it up with two different colours.  I also hook one onto my house keys so I am never without one - you never know when you need to put your hair up.  You can tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail and when you release your hair there’s no effort, no strands of hair and no kinks… perfect for long hair.