Musical Cards


Brand: Destined for Home

For all ages.... a Musical Moving Card you can have all year round.  Box Card has space on back to write message and comes with a gold envelope. Loved by all ages.

Tips - From Me to You
Amazing card, nice and light for sending in the post, the receiver will be blown away to receive such a lovely unique card with a great surprise when they open it and realise its a musical moving card. 

It reminds me of the old fashion jewellery boxes, the music is just on for the right amount of time (however, you can stop it at anytime). 

I've had men and kids all mesmerised by these musical moving cards - it brings a smile to their faces.  The kids especially love them as it keeps them occupied as they watch in awe as the Ballerina / Jungle Adventure, Alice or Stork moves to the music.

It's a Boy or Girl are fantastic gifts for newborns, lovely soothing music to fall asleep too.