Aquiesse Diffuser


Brand: Aquiesse

Luxurious, finely fragranced and perfectly blended to ensure your room remains fragrant for between 3 - 6 months.  This striking glass bottle is included in the pack along with the reeds to diffuse the oils.

When you open the box, remove the bottle stopper and insert the reeds into the bottle. It may take up to 24 hours for the reeds to become totally infused with the fragrant oils, and for an extra burst of fragrance you can flip the reeds over but take care to ensure that the oils does not drip off the reeds as you turn them as the oil may cause staining or damage to surfaces.

Please be mindful the length of time your reeds will remain fragrant depends on a few factors but principally, the temperature. If you place the diffuser close to a heat source such as a radiator or a window this will encourage the fragranced oils to evaporate at a faster rate and your oils will not last as long. You may also find that the fragrance is not as strong in a cold spot, so aim to keep the fragranced reed diffuser at room temperature for optimum fragrance pleasure.

Tips - From Me to You
Love this brand, the Diffusers married with the Boadwalk or French Oak Currant Candle would fill your whole home with the same wonderful fragrance. Beautifully packaged, neutral coloured glass vessel makes them easy to place in the home to suit any style or decor.  As you receive a lot of reeds, if you have a spare bottle, divide the reeds up and spread this wonderful fragrance throughout the house - I find the diffusers last quite a few months, just remember to turn the reeds!