Men's Boxer Shorts Set


Brand: Destined for Home

 Ergonomically designed comfort for your crown jewels!  5x softer and 50% more absorbent and breathable than cotton

 Made of our exclusive and super soft MicroModal Air fibres - Quick drying, to keep things pleasantly cool all day long, Anti-Bacterial, helping to prevent body odour.

 Stitching technique and tag free waistband reduces skin irritation - Anti Chafing, Anti Ride Up and Anti Roll Waistband. Longer inseam for that perfectly snug fit. 
CO2-neutral and biodegradable

2 Pkt Gift Box - contains x1 Pro (Grey) & x1 Active (Blue)

3 Pkt Gift Box - contains Green, Orange & Forest Green (all with pouch)

 Tips From Me To You:
Well what can I say, I couldn't try them so I asked my hubby to model and try...  these are the only boxers that my husband wears now, they are always on the washing line - he says they are extremely comfy, cool to wear and don't ride up.  You can choose to use the pouch or not as they are still comfy, soft and fresh to wear.

Oh and they were on Dragon's Den where every dragon wanted to be part of this brand new company by Alex & Yang.