Hat, Snood & Wrist Warmers (Merino Wool)


Brand: Destined for Home

Fisherman’s rib is a knitting stitch originating in fishing communities, where it was developed to provide a very thick and warm knit for the jumpers the fishermen wore both at sea and on land. This hat has a twice-turned-back border knitted in fisherman’s rib, so if you suffer with cold ears this is the hat for you. Knitted to fit the head rather than to grip it, it will hold pockets of warm air and keep you snug on the bitterest of days. No more ear-ache!

The crown of the hat is finished 
with contrasting paracord, tipped with metal lace aglets. 

100% Merino Wool    Made in UK

Tip From Me to You: 
It's a catwalk: tip wear them with contrasting bright colours or use them to accent neutral and natural tones with a bright pop of colour.