Prints - Stag Duo


Brand: Elaine Johnston

Elaine Johnston was born in Glasgow. Graduated with honours from Glasgow School of Art and BA from The Royal Academy of Art & Drama.  She's obtained The Young Achiever's Award for Scotland and Design for Diplomat's.  Elaine's love of rural animals, painting only in oil are shown and sold throughout the World.

She is a master at capturing the animals eyes which follow you wherever you are.. 

Please note the price includes both prints.

Tips From Me to You
Here is one of Elaine's most painted animals - Stan the Stag.  Stan resides up in Glencoe near Kinghouse Hotel, he comes down from the hills for a feed at the crack of dawn which when Elaine captures him.

Elaine has cleverly created a duo print which would look amazing framed either side of a fire place or at the end of a shelf with the illusion of bookends. 

Elaine's original oil paintings cost thousands so its lovely to have a rare print.