Sleep Mask


Brand: Destined For Home

Featuring a 3D blackout design for added face coverage, this sleep mask is designed to block as much of unwanted light out as possible, giving the best possible sleep time to invigorate, restore and repair.  This blackout mask leaves space around the eye area removing any disturbance or friction caused by the Rapid Eye Movement  (REM) sleep phase. 

The house we spend sleeping are the biggest single influence on our mood, motivation and decision-making skills.  A decent sleep pattern enhances everything we do throughout our day.  In a world where stress and technology have taken a front seat, never has it been more important to get the right amount of good quality sleep and rest.

Your immediate eye area is the most sensitive skin on your face, so a sleep mask is critical for anti-aging and relaxing the eyes to reduce skin fatigue, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

  • Concave shape for free eye movement
  • Encourages deep and slow-wave sleep
  • Adjustable fastening - one size fits most

Tips From Me to You
What a fantastic idea.  I used to mock my friend for wearing a sleep mask now I  always wear a Sleep Mask, I get a much better sleep. 

I was delighted to try this new 3D design... OMG it did not disappoint, I LOVE IT, its lovely and light on your face. 

I've got long eyelashes, even when my eyes flutter I don't wake or feel the eye mask on my eyelashes due to the mask design.

My old previous eye masks were hurting my eyes as they seemed to add pressure to my eye lids, having tried these I am not going back to the old version.   I had such a great night sleep.  I honestly can't believe why everyone doesn't have one of these.

Ideal for new mothers as they need to get the best of whatever little sleep they can!  The mask is also very good when flying as its completely blackout so you can arrive at your destination relaxed.