Harris Tweed Dog Accessories


Brand: Destined for Home

Dog Accessories all handmade here in Edinburgh. Dog Collars & Leads each bare the Harris Tweed Label. Choose from Orange, Pink or Blue Harris Tweed

Tips From Me to You
Shop Dog Harley has had his Collar, Bandana & Lead set for some years now and they still look as good as new.

I now totally get why the Highlanders wore so much tweed - it never looks dirty, the dirt just seems to brush off it.  

The Leads are great as they don't take on any dirty or oils from your hand, so they always look fresh, years later.  Plus you'll not be able to walk along a street without your beloved hound getting constantly admired. 

Harley has recently received a new Bandana as he was attacked and thankfully it was the Bandana that got ripped not his neck!