Dugs Clean Coat - K9 CleanCoats®

   Measurement Guide  

K9 Cleancoats Ltd are made to measure bodysuits for dogs.   It takes 12 measurements to get your bespoke K9 CleanCoat - which you can do yourself and send to Aileen at K9Cleancoats OR if you're like me too scared to get it wrong!  Then I'm pleased to have partnered with K9 Cleancoats to take bookings for 1 day only in November (click below) to find out more.
K9Cleancoats are made from super soft fleece, keeps your dog warm and dry in wet/snow, no more wet dog smell, no more sticky willows, perfect for dogs who may have a skin condition.    These durable, lightweight, breathable coats can be washed in the machine on a cool wash and are almost dry ready for use when they come out of the machine.  These coats will save you time in your busy lives and keep your dog warm clean and happy!