Alpaca Fur Hotties


Brand: Samantha Holmes

Luxury Fur Hottie handmade Alpaca Fur with satin lining and silk satin ribbon. You’ll be glad to know it comes with a standard hot water bottle & NO ALPACAs were harmed in the making (which is very important) The Alpacas die naturally. 

Colours Available: please note that colours may vary as this is a natural product.

Tips - From Me to You
Truly irresistible and very huggable, you’ll not be able to put this hottie down. These are so cuddly whether keeping your feet warm or curling up on the couch. Wonderful gift for that special person in your life.

Important:  Animal Rights point, Alpacas can live for 20+ years, they are not killed for their fur – fur is provided when the Alpaca dies of natural causes as the weaker animals often perish in the harsh Andean winters.

Alpacas are not killed for their fur. The fur is mainly from baby Alpacas - or “cria” - which have died of natural causes from the perishing harsh Andean winters. Alpacas can live for 20+ years, promising a lifetime of shearing potential which is of far greater value than a single pelt.