Room Diffuser


Brand: Destined For Home

Rustic Tin (which can be reused) contains 100ml fragrance with four natural reeds.

Reed diffusers are a great way to continually fragrance a room:

  • Always place the tin on a mat or coaster

  • Remove the metal screw cap and transit plug

  • Immerse the reeds in the oil and after a while, flip them to begin to release the scent. Do this weekly to keep the scent fresh and fragrant

  • This 100ml diffuser should last for approximately 4 months

      Made in UK

        Tips - From Me to You
        I've hand slected five scents, all very different, you can also combine room diffuser with soy candle or wax melt. The reason why I've not gone for clear glass bottles is that, using clear glass it quickens the use of the diffuser and it doesn't last as long, this container can be used again and because the light can't get to the fragrance oils it will last longer.